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What the process of auction work?

The specified deadline to become an authorized bidder the member will have to guarantee his offer with a security deposit of Rs. 20000/-. In case any member wants to bid for more than one item, a minimum of 10% of the total bid price of all the items should be maintained in his/her account. The person with the highest eligible offer it is very simple way in which auction work runs. You can place your offer for the vehicle, you like before will be notified after the deadline. Security deposit may be given by Demand Draft or deposit it in cash in the name of Diamond Autotech Solution Pvt Ltd.  Next day our authorized person/affiliated dealers will begin the process of acquisition of the salvage from the insurance/manufactures company. If they are successful in acquiring the vehicle, the customer with the highest eligible offer gets it and is required to make the balance payment within 48 hours. If our authorized persons/affiliated dealers do not acquire the item, the deposit will be refunded to the customer on his request or it can be used towards the offer on another item in future.

Can you inform me when a particular item is available?

As you know that we are dealing with no’s of items a week, so it is very difficult to full fill your this requirement but we are trying our best to provide information and it’s not possible to satisfy everyone’s request for a particular item. Instead we have made it simple for you to locate any item you wish in the active or upcoming auction lists. You can search the items by location wise, category wise, and company wise. You can search the used vehicle also. So just keep checking our website time to time and you will find what you are looking for.

You can also get our inventory updates on regular basis through e-mail and also through SMS. To get full details regarding our products you may visit our web-site and sign up for the live news.

The details of damages not listed in detail:

It is not possible for us to access the extent of damages to the vehicles which may have occurred during the time the vehicle was lying with the Insurance companies/manufactures   and the details of repairs if any, done by them.  Insurance companies/manufactures do not provide to us are to our affiliated dealers with such kind of information including damage parts etc.   The vehicles are disposed off by the insurance companies/ manufactures on as is and where is basis.

Does the vehicle have keys?

A large number of vehicles come without keys. Sometimes the keys get lost in transit and hence we do not guarantee the availability of keys, even if, the keys may be visible in the pictures.

How much is the security deposit?

The Security Deposit to be given by the intending bidder is to be Rs. 20000/- payable by Demand Draft or Cash in the name of Diamond Autotech Solution Pvt Ltd.

What about Security Deposit Refunds?

The Security Deposit given by the highest bidder will be adjusted towards cost of the item/product to be purchased subject to condition that entire bid amount is deposited by the highest bidder within time period stipulated by the insurance companies/manufactures.   In case, highest bidder fails to deposit the entire tendered amount within the stipulated period, the amount of security deposit shall stand forfeited and bidder may be debarred from participation in future auction.   The security deposits of bidders other than highest bidder shall be release to him or it may also be adjusted towards next bid if so, desired by the bidders.

How much does your service cost?

Diamond Autotech Solution Pvt Ltd will charge Rs. 5000/- of each auctioned item.

How the intending bidder can increase his bid amount during the process of auction system prescribed in our web-site and how the highest bidder will be decided and accordingly notified.

The intending bidder is declared highest as per procedures prescribed in our web-site.   The intending bidder can increase his bid within last 3 minutes extended closing time.  If the last bidder fails to increase his bid price within last 3 minutes of extended closing time, his bid will not be accepted by the system.   The highest bidder will be notified by e-mail addressed given by him.    All other bidders who have not quoted highest bid price shall also be intimated through email.

Note: Once the offer is submitted, we have no way of changing it or withdrawing it.

How do I pay for the Vehicles?


Full Payment Due: 48 hours from sale confirmation notice. Once your offer is accepted by one of our affiliated dealers, you will notify through mail/SMS. It's your responsibility to check your E-mail/SMS or your account on All accounts with payments after specified due date will be charged Rs. 100 per day late fee for every item.

Payment Terms:

All payments must be by Bank Draft payable at Delhi in favor of Diamond Autotech Solution Pvt Ltd or through cash into our Bank. No personal checks. If you are outside and cannot make payment on time, either arrange to prepay the full amount before submitting your offer or be ready to acquire daily late fees.


You can pick up any item in person at no charge.

Storage: As a courtesy to you and our affiliated dealers we will store any item you've purchased up to one week at no charge. After that, we will charge s. 100/- a day per item for storage.

I received my vehicle and there is undercarriage damage or damage that was not visible on the pictures (stolen parts, incomplete or poor quality repairs, flood, etc), what should I do?

Unfortunately, since you purchased the vehicle on AS IS WHERE IS basis, there is no recourse. Undercarriage damages, as well as other hidden damages are not visible in the pictures. Sometimes Auctions describe them, and sometimes they do not. Customers must understand that salvage vehicles might have latent defects that is not aware about it. Vehicles might have been previously repaired. Neither is aware about it, nor can they comment on the craftsmanship quality of the repairs. Please, place your offers accordingly.

Some necessary point keeps in mind before start bidding on line, these points clear through  

All the vehicles are sold on "As is where is basis". Reasons related to Year of Manufacture mismatch/ parts missing etc. will not be entertained. Buyer is solely responsible for his own bid and will be liable to gather all correct information about the vehicles .Please rely on your inspection for correct information/evaluation of vehicle.

The vehicles, once sold, will not be taken back. The liability of transfer & RTO related discrepancies, if any, will solely be at the bidders risk & responsibility. Any refusal or withdrawal from a valid bid by the bidder will be treated as non-compliance to terms & conditions.

All details mentioned in the auction including Manufacturing year of the Vehicles is to be checked, verified & confirmed for correctness by the bidder before placing any bids.
The year mentioned in the auction may be year of Finance & different from actual year of manufacture. No complains related to difference in year to be considered post auction, dealer will have to make full payment in such case also.

No file missing cases will be entertained, Dealer will have to get Part File opened at his own cost, please keep same in mind before placing bids online.

What about Auction Page? offering large list of used vehicles for its client or original buyer but we are not taking any kind of commission or any kind of extra charge from buyers. We are only information provider between the buyer or seller which are giving through seller, we are not responsible for any kind of fault in vehicle, nobody can blame us because the  buyer and the seller are directly contact with each other  and we are not playing the mediator role between them.

No file missing cases will be entertained, buyer will have to get Part File opened at his own cost, please keep same in mind before placing vehicles from seller.

How Used Vehicle Sold?

All the vehicles are sold on "As is where is basis". Reasons related to Year of Manufacture mismatch/ parts missing etc. will not be entertained. Buyer is solely responsible for his own bid and will be liable to gather all correct information about the vehicles .Please rely on your inspection for correct information/evaluation of vehicle. Don’t blame Auto Auction India for any kind of fault because we are giving info which are providing through seller and the buyer can directly contact to sellers.



How much does it cost to register on

Registration on is absolutely free. By joins you get ample opportunity and a large number of benefits for your business.

Which type of benefits clients get after registering/joining

There are large number of benefits of joining, some of which are given as below:

You get an opportunity to Sell and Buy products and also a chance to grow your business in market.

Interested buyers will be notified by e-mail/sms by us.

You can use our website for advertising yours product.

You get a facility to send suggestion for any modification to us for incorporating it in your advertisement.

You get a chance to win bidding of products through highest bid.

You get updates on any new product offered by, through E-mail/sms or personal call from us.

What is “ "? is an online place where you can maintain your personal user account and can do business.

View and manage information related to your product you can also post it according to your need and capacity.

You can get the validity of yours advertisement extended on expiry of its period.

You can send your response on product selected by you on our website.

Update/Edit your profile.

You can also negotiate regarding price for product selected by you.

How do I register on

You can join through a simple registration process described below:

On the top click the “Join us” Link.

On the click of this “Join us” Now link, the Registration form will open. (Alternatively you can directly click on the link

Fill in all the information required in the form and click on the ‘’Registration”.

On click of "Join us" Button a confirmation link is generated and is sent to your mail id. You can save the Ads you liked for future use.

Go to your mail id, and click on the confirmation link in your mail.

On successful completion of the steps above, you get registered on

Why do I have to verify my email address?

Email verification is required when you register, in order to make sure that you are the user of the email address provided and your email ID has not been used without your consent. It is also to ensure that any query needed for any purpose to the correct E-mail ID.

While registering I get a message that says, "An account with this email id already exist" Why does this happen?

This happens only when registration already exists with the email id provided. In case you have forgotten the password, you can retrieve your password through a simple process and in case if you could not complete the registration process because you did not receive the verification link, please mail us at info@autoauctionindia.comwith subject as "verification mail not received".

I did not receive any verification link. What should I do?

Please check your mail box for the email id that you had provided on the registration form.

Some email systems may falsely deliver the verification link to the Junk mail/spam folder. So kindly check your Junk mail/spam nail folder also.

In case you still find that you have not received the verification link, please mail us at with subject as "verification mail not received" through the same email id that you used for registration.

How to retrieve/change forgotten password?

Click on the login button on the right hand top.

In the "forgot password" section enter the email id with which you had registered with

On click of Reset password an email with a verification link is sent to your E-mail id.

Go to the inbox of your email and click on the verification link.

On successful completion of this step, you will be prompted to enter the new password in your profile area on


How do I login to my account?

Click on the login link on the right hand top and left hand mid option “Login Now” on home page.

Enter your user ID and password under the “Login section”.

Click on the Login button.

You will be successfully logged in to your account.

How do I logout of my account?

Once you have logged in to your account, you will find the “Log out” link at the right hand top.

Is it possible to edit my profile details, if so how can I edit my profile?

Yes you can edit your profile details. Please follow the below instructions to edit your profile

Login to your account by clicking on the “Log in” link and entering your user ID and password.

From the right top corner "" drop down select the option "My profile".

On my profile page click on the edit button.

On click of edit, your profile will appear in an editable mode.

Make the desired changes and click on the save button to store the changes.


How do I post a product detail on

To post a product detail on, you need to be a registered user. You can either first get registered by clicking on “join us” link on the right hand top(for more details see- How do I register on or can get registered during the process of uploading an AD.

To upload a product detail follow the below steps:

Click on the “post classified” link or button.

Fill the form which comes after click “post classified”.

After completion of filling the form click on post button.

How long does it take for my product to appear on the site?

Every post classified list passes through the monitoring environment to ensure, as best as possible.   No offensive or malicious content is uploaded. It can take up to 4-5 hours for validation. If product is rejected, one of the team will contact you with a clear explanation of the reasons why it has been restricted.

How long is my product valid?

Your product will be valid and visible for a period of 30 days.  Before the expiry of your advertisement you will be sent a reminder mail so that you can refresh the listing. Once refresh your advertisement will be valid and visible for 30 days.

Do I need to pay to post my product on your site?

Yes, you need to pay maintenance charges only. These are very low compare to charges being livid by other companies.

What is the procedure for editing more image of the product that I have posted?

Follow the below steps to edit:

Login to your account by clicking on the “Login” link and entering your user name and password.

See in the left side member menu and click on post classified more images.

After this step in right side you can see “add file”, click on this.

There you can upload your product and can post easily.

Why am I not getting any response for my product?

Firstly, you should check that the contact information provided by you is correct and that you regularly check the email address / mobile number relating to the details you have provided.

Secondly, if you have not added photographs to your ad or not described it properly, the chances of your advertisement receiving responses are low. To make your ad stand out and to make sure it gets featured in search results, add all the important information in your product. We've added some suggestions below that will help you to create a good ad and will thus lead to better results.

In I see Refresh my product. And how I get information of expiry date ?

Using the contact number or mail id you can you can make your product live once again on for 30 additional days.

Five days before your product expiry date you will inform through mail or phone call.

You can see this information in you user account messages box.

What is the procedure for deleting the product that I have posted?

It’s very easy to delete the product. For this step you can call us on our contact number and also can send E-mail regarding this. After this process you can get it deleted through us.

How do I find specific product or service on

You can search for a specific product or service on by using the keyword “search” option provided on the top of every page.

For example if you are looking to buy a Maruti product like Maruti 800,Zen and etc then just type in Maruti 800 in the search box and choose the category as used car/salvage car and press the “GO” button. You will see latest Maruti 800 product up for sale on

Alternatively, select the city where you are looking for the product or the service.

When I try searching I don't get any product?

Probably there are no products currently available that match your search criterion. It could also be due to a very narrow search criteria. Please try and broaden your criteria and run another search.

Also in case you are searching using “keyword search”, make sure that you are correctly spelling the product or service.

If none of the above works then on the search result page please click on the tab on the left panel "Tell us your requirement" and fill out your requirement. We will set a requirement alert for you and send the best matches on your mail.

You will see latest products or service ads in your subcategory of interest. You can further narrow down your interest by making use of the filters provided on the left hand side panel.